IASSIST: forth day

20160602_154411 20160602_160123

Checking the Bergen public library, I found some materials in Farsi as you can see above, such a peaceful environment!

Today we had Pecha Kucha,which is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). The format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, powers multiple-speaker events called PechaKucha Nights (PKNs). So cool and funny!

20160603_115726 20160603_115800And finally the wrap-up session with annual reports, conference pics and laughs.

Thanks to IASSIST for giving me such a unique experience of scholarly communication with a taste of friendship!!

Seems I found my home, finally!

IASSIST: Third day

Another Plenary ‘Embracing the ‘Data Revolution’: Opportunities and Challenges for Research’ or ‘What you need to know about the data landscape to keep up to date, Introducing we 4 the fellows 2016 from Iran, India, Croatia and Taiwan, business launch and darling banquet!


And here are some pics of poster sessions which I found so creative. At the right, you can see a light green dot which is my, the only attendee from Iran after almost 50 years and 42 conferences! May Iranian know this friendly informative association  and join it.

20160602_164548 20160602_162404

IASSIST: second day

We are going through very busy days as almost all sessions are hard to choose, this means I want to attend in all sessions at once:)

Here are some pics, and the program link.


The first Plenary: Data for decision-makers: Old practice – new challenges and it was so intresting!

first plenary2
first plenary2
first plenary1
first plenary1


IASSIST: First day

Hello Bergen, Hello IASSIS

iassis 2016 registration
iassis 2016 registration

The first day of conference starts with workshops and ends with the reception ceremony at Aula Univ. of Bergen run by Bergen mayor.

I did registered, explored the colorful city and now,heading to the univ.


NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data is the main host of 2016.

bryggen harbor
bryggen harbor

This day ends with the  at The University Aula in Bergen  hosted by the Mayor of Bergen. I met Katherin Mcneil, my buddy and mentor, from MIT for the first time, here.




Got the email last week, I am among those 5 for ASIS&T inforshare award this year, what an honor!

For those who asks about inforshare,this is a program sponsored by SIG III, awards one-year ASIST memberships to information professionals in developing countries, you can read more in their link (http://www.asis.org/SIG/SIGIII/infoshare)

The announcement is world wide and the eligibilities are listed in their site.

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IFLA 2012, are you ready!?

Here is the early call for paper of The Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning, the title is “Libraries and Librarians as Forces for Transformative Change: Continuing Education the Fuel”.

• Digital Content: How has providing access to digital content made a difference? How are librarians using digital content to facilitate change? How are librarians contributing to the development of new digital content experiences to meet user needs?

• Leadership: What are the ways that librarians are managing and leading change? What kinds of leadership values, attitudes, and beliefs are needed to facilitate change?

• Advocacy: What are some of the ways that librarians have successfully advocated for change? What are some lessons learned about advocacy and effective approaches in today’s evolving communications environment? How can librarians demonstrate value?

• Cultural Diversity: How do librarians promote cultural diversity of all kinds (religious, ethnic, etc.)? How do librarians engage and support people from different cultures?

• Mulitilingualism: How do librarians provide access in multilingual environments thereby changing the way information is acquired, managed and delivered?

Please e-mail proposals for papers by January 11, 2012 to Sylvia Piggott at spiggott AT sympatico.ca

For more information about other sections you should go to ifla main website.

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Why Attend IFLA WLIC 2012?

There are many reasons to attend in IFLA, one of the biggest scientific conference in LIS, here is are some considers mentioned in their own website:

•Promote your company / organisation as a leading supporter of Library and information services

•Strengthen your brand profile

•Provide direct access to and contact with thousands of delegates, and indirect access to a worldwide professional community of library and information service users

•Develop high level, long term contacts with leading figures and decision makers

•Strengthen existing relationships

•Differentiate yourself from your competitors

What do you think?

P.S: I have my own friends from the first IFLA 2005, librarians from all around the world. That is so precious to me, Thanks IFLA!

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Insite conference 2012 at Canada

I’ve recently joint to the Insite conference referee board. The InSITE 2012 is all about “Informing Science & IT Education” which run in four parts connect, TeachIT, TeLE, and Inform. This conferense is going to be on June 22 – 27, 2012 at Montréal, Canadá.

Here is some more information about the conference. seems so interesting!

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