Aug.15th: The exhibition, the fresh air of librarian related market

Today was dedicated to networking and exhibition, which i believe is the best advatags of such a huge conference, many familiar faces as well as companies. It was awesome got some new ideas and honestly this time i was suprised by some new innovation and creative ideas such as BOOK MOOCH, Chineed self service library service system, Family search, Gay lord services for rare books, Magnatune, American economy association and…. Can you believe that IFLA 2012 are already ready for the next year, just check out their site to find more about them. Unfortunatly they do not have any kind of special grants like this year travel grants for 2012 but it DOES worth to participate anyhow.
I should spend a time to write about each of them, they are awesome!
I attened at the very last session, the Ideas, innovations, anticipating the new. The other oral presentation of Iranian this year, my master supervisor’s, Dr. Abazari. Here you can find her cooperated paper with Dr.Babolhavaeji

P.S: You can see more photos of this IFLA via this url. I think they could have a better coverage for every sessions and events. Anyhow the complimentary internet connection is FAN.TAS.TIC! Hope i had more time to do blogging during sessions. I have lots of errands to do regarding to this when i back home!

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