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Do not refer to country names in article titles

Our new research has been published: Analysis of citation rate of papers with titles containing a country name

Abstract: Choosing the right title for a paper is essential attracting readers and receiving citations, and various studies have been done on this subject. This research sought those papers citation rate with the country name ‘Iran’ in their title published during 2010-2014 using Web of Science citation index. It tried to identify highly cited papers, disciplines, distribution of papers by type and geography of the paper with this feature. Moreover, it observed the relationship between Iranian and international authors in the production of such papers and their citation rate. Using scientometric method, 12,026 papers with the word ‘Iran’ in the titles were examined, and their Web of Science database citations were analyzed from 2010 to 2014. Citation rates of papers written by Iranian researchers and researchers from other countries were compared according to the research questions. The results showed that the majority of these papers were produced in Iran, and among foreign countries, the United States had the highest share in producing such papers. Most of these papers were in geology, occupational health, and environmental science. Moreover, it was revealed that citation rate for papers containing ‘Iran’ in the title has decreased over the years and the downward trend has been similar for national and international studies.

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