Insite conference 2012 at Canada

I’ve recently joint to the Insite conference referee board. The InSITE 2012 is all about “Informing Science & IT Education” which run in four parts connect, TeachIT, TeLE, and Inform. This conferense is going to be on June 22 – 27, 2012 at Montréal, Canadá.

Here is some more information about the conference. seems so interesting!


library 2.0 conference: the future of libraries in the digital age

The Library 2.011 conference is a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on the current and future state of libraries. Subject strands include the changing roles of libraries and librarians, the increasing impact of digital media and the e-book revolution, open educational resources, digital literacy, shifts from information consumption to production (Web 2.0), multimedia and gaming spaces, libraries as community centers, the growth of individualized and self-paced learning, the library as the center of new learning models, understanding users in the digital age, assessing service delivery, and defining leadership and information professional careers in a networked and changing world.

As an advisory board member, I ask everyone to take a look at their website and participate if you like.


A librarianship notes about IFLA 2011

Having so many errands for my PhD defense session after arriving to Iran, I just found a chance to write down some of my memorabilias from each days in Farsi. Please take a look at this if you are interested.  As for recieving good comments from librarians all around the world, i hope i can get a chance to translate those notes in Eng. as soon as possible.


Aug. 16th: Inspiring day!!

Here you can find my interview with IFLA about Ifla advantages for librarians.

My day starts with the presentation of our cooperated paper with my dear friends mohadese dokhtesmati and maryam saberi. The article was about “The status of ministries’ website of Middle Eastern countries in achieving e-Government “. As a youngest attendee in this section, the officer, Eleanor Frierson, did a great compliment of me and I and Dr. Abazari, faculty of Azad Univ, were been couraged by the attendees suprisingly specially for her encouragement of me to do Ph.D and for her supportive behavior to attend just for my speech! They were some comments and suggestion for our next phase and hopefully the next phase can be present next year :p

The noon was followed by Elsevier demonstration and was awesome, they have new database of pictures,protocols and … It’s really intreting for me that they facutlties do care about using pictures in their course and that might be the main reason for elsevier to provide such databases.

I attend in Bill and Melinda Gates award announcement which was a totally great touchin story of an information center which dedicate their whole services to give information to EVERYBODY in their country. Gonna back with more news and pics!!

Talking with Ifla president about Iranian activities and cooperation with ifla, She believes that we should attend in our own region (asia and oceanic) better and stronger so that we may be the host of IFLA some day (not soon for sure)!! They do plannig for ifla hosting every 7 years and we have just one chance every 7 years to be selected amongst asia region.

Finally, we had a very great cultural evening..thanks IFLA billion times for creating such a moment.

P.S: it’s really interesting for me that where the 2200 attendees are!! The rooms are almost empty of participants comparing with previous ifla(s), people should be at beaches or the freezing tempreture of rooms makes everybody run away!! :)



Aug.15th: The exhibition, the fresh air of librarian related market

Today was dedicated to networking and exhibition, which i believe is the best advatags of such a huge conference, many familiar faces as well as companies. It was awesome got some new ideas and honestly this time i was suprised by some new innovation and creative ideas such as BOOK MOOCH, Chineed self service library service system, Family search, Gay lord services for rare books, Magnatune, American economy association and…. Can you believe that IFLA 2012 are already ready for the next year, just check out their site to find more about them. Unfortunatly they do not have any kind of special grants like this year travel grants for 2012 but it DOES worth to participate anyhow.
I should spend a time to write about each of them, they are awesome!
I attened at the very last session, the Ideas, innovations, anticipating the new. The other oral presentation of Iranian this year, my master supervisor’s, Dr. Abazari. Here you can find her cooperated paper with Dr.Babolhavaeji

P.S: You can see more photos of this IFLA via this url. I think they could have a better coverage for every sessions and events. Anyhow the complimentary internet connection is FAN.TAS.TIC! Hope i had more time to do blogging during sessions. I have lots of errands to do regarding to this when i back home!

Aug.14th: The official beginning of ifla 2011!

Today was fulfilled with many suprising experiances:

  • the official openning, the speakers, musics and a salon full of librarian and lots of camera flashes!
  • Being suprised by 2200 attendee from 250 countries, they just said!
  • the new commer sessions
  • long librarian lines for lunch
  • presenting a paper on behalf of my friend, miss.azadeh heidari. A new experiance to present on behalf of some one else and it was GREAT!
  • exhibition openning and party
  • having a meeting and a cup of coffee with IFLA officers that was awesome!
  • And here are the pictures….


check out the gallery of IFLA for more pictures on a daily basis.


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