English Resume


Library and Information Science Ph.D, Azad university. Tehran. Iran.Sept. 2011
Subject: Designing a model for the web-based scientific communications of Iranian Academic Websites


  • National Research Institute for science policy, TEHRAN, IRAN
    Faculty of Scientometrics : September 2016- present
    -Designed and conducted researches in Informetrics, Scientometrics , webometrics and Altmetrics
    -Supervised projects and researches in  Informetrics, Scientometrics , webometrics and Altmetrics
  • The supreme council for Science, Research and Technology, Tehran, Iran
    International relation affair advisor: April 2017- present
    – Identified the potential international in science, research and technology
    – Supervised projects and researches science, research and technology
    – Analyzed business strategies from globally-informed perspectives
    – Provided in-depth research and market focus from a foreign perspective